For the Love of Art

May 13, 2024

The Education Fund’s For the Love of Art Annual Charity Auction & Public School Alumni Achievement Honoree Celebration 为迈阿密戴德县公立学校(M-DCPS)的儿童提供急需的视觉艺术资源和认可.  This highly successful annual event, which will occur on May 13, 2024, 展示了视觉艺术在激发我们社区所有儿童的创造力和学业成功方面的重要作用. 它还展出了迈阿密一些最有才华的学生和老师创作的艺术品,这对与会者来说是一个巨大的吸引力, many prominent art collectors among them.

The auction is part of The Education Fund’s district-wide resource program – Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials, and Ocean Bank is the presenting sponsor.  Each year since 1998, approximately 200 works of art plus luxury items are sold at this high-profile silent art auction, 是什么吸引了来自社区的700多名艺术收藏家和赞助人来为艺术教育和资源中心筹集资金. This Center is now serving more than 1,000 classrooms per year and growing, due to the high demand by teachers who have minimal classroom supply budgets.

一年一度的慈善艺术品拍卖会是支持公立学校艺术发展的一个急需的来源, 特别是在公共教育预算因财产价值和州税收下降而大幅削减的时期. 拍卖所得款项将用于支持AG亚游集团官方网站会的AG亚游集团官网线路检测, 每件艺术品销售所得的100%捐给艺术教师,用于为他们的教室购买原本无法提供的艺术用品. Mr. Peter DeMercado, a 20+ year art teacher remarked, “If it were not for this program year after year, I would not have the money to supply my students materials for making art.” Thus far, the sale of artwork by children and teachers has raised $11.3+ million dollars for art programs in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools system. 

The Education Fund Thanks Our Sponsors: